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Stirling and I really thank you for re- establishing
our internet connection to the outside world.  Given the nature of my work
responsibilities this connection is vital.  While it has taken longer and
been more expensive that I originally had hoped for our interactions with
the both of you have been more than worth these distractions.  I thank
you for your understanding, persistence, and honesty in dealing with me.  I
fully trust your
technical knowledge which you have been gracious in sharing with me.
Peggy you have been readily available on telephone and eager to help in
setting up my communications with Gary and alleviating my anxiety that once
the satellite dish had been installed GTEC would disappear from our life out
here in the boonies.  Your employees Angel and Al were great. 
Even old Mike did a good job for us. Please tell Angel again how much we appreciated
his bravado in climbing up that tower and fixing our tv set up.

I know haw hard it is to run a small business especially finding good
employees to service a large geographic area in a competitive ever changing
technological environment.  Everything
turned out just as you originally estimated which again has made this whole
venture such a pleasure to deal with you personally.  Ralph

Today is January 26th, 2015