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Back To School Red Hot HughesNet Offer

HughesNet Satellite Internet Promotion

HughesNet Satellite Internet Promotion

Receive one month free by mail when you buy or lease a new HughesNet® satellite system and activate a new HughesNet service account, with all consumer plans. Product and service must be ordered between 8/8/2009 and 9/30/2009, from Hughes, or Participating Retailers and Authorized HughesNet dealers.



All submissions must be received by 1/31/2010.

High Speed Internet Helps Rural Economic Growth

Recent research has suggested links between information technology and overall labor productivity improvements in labor. This growth can be expected to increase with the growth of high speed internet.
For example, the aggregate earnings of a rural Kansas area documented in the research paper—The Impact of High-Speed Internet Access on Local Economic Growth—(Peter F. Orazem, Ph.D. University of Kansas School of Business), suggested aggregate earnings grew about 1% faster per year for those zip codes with high speed internet access.
Other results of the same study were:

  • Broadband caused employment to grow more slowly. However, earnings per worker rose in all counties
  • Early Broadband access resulted in faster growth in number of firms
  • The effect of broadband access were most obvious in earnings and firm growth in the rural sector

All of the indicators point toward high speed internet availability can help the economic situation in rural areas.

HughesNet Double play

One Month FREE With Mail-In Rebate Promotion! 

Another HOT summer offer from Hughes. For a limited time Hughes is offering one month FREE service on the Home, Pro, and ProPlus plans. 
New subscribers get one month FREE with mail-in rebate when they purchase or lease HughesNet® service. Offer only valid with Home, Pro, and ProPlus plans. Orders must be entered between 8/3/2009 and 8/7/2009. 
One Subscription–Two Rebates

Remember–this rebate applies to both the Purchase and Lease option. That means if you sell the purchase option, the consumer is actually eligible for two rebates — the standard $100 mail-in rebate already announced for all of the third quarter PLUS this additional one month FREE service mail-in rebate for orders placed August 3 through August 7, 2009.
How to Qualify for the One Month FREE Service Rebate

  • Sign up for the Home, Pro, or Pro Plus consumer service plan between 8/3/2009 and 8/7/2009.
  • HughesNet service must remain active for a minimum of 31 days.
  • FREE month Mail-In Rebate applies only to new HughesNet subscribers on the Home, Pro, or ProPlus plans.
  • This rebate can only be combined with the HughesNet $100 mail-in rebate offer for upfront purchases (lease plans are not eligible for the $100 rebate) made between 8/3/2009 and 8/7/2009. It cannot be combined with any other rebate or offer.

Rural Areas See Internet Growth

A Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project survey disclosed Americans want the internet. Fast internet connection service continues to rise even in time of cutbacks elsewhere.
Citing an increase in of 15% over April of 2008, U.S. broadband connections grew to an impressive 63% of adults in America (Just 9 years ago, only 6% of internet users had high speed connections.)
All of this while the monthly internet connection rose nearly $5 since May of 2008.
With consumers opting to reduce cell phone or cable television offerings , internet connections are becoming a must have service.
In fact, one of the areas where the most growth has occurred included rural areas, where high speed internet can sometimes be only be provided by satellite internet systems.

Rural Small Businesses and High Speed Internet Access

rural computer userA study by the Small Business Administration—Broadband Use by Rural Small Business—suggested the following interesting impacts of high speed internet.

  • Distance Learning- This would allow rural students greater access to a broad education and curriculum choice, improving their skills and employment opportunities.
  • Telemedicine Benefits- This allows doctors, hospitals and patients faster  communication between each other. In fact, another Federal study indicated remote monitoring of homebound chronically ill, reduced costs by 35 to 40% while improving care.
  • Economic Benefits- Broadband services can benefit the consumers and positively impact the economic growth of a rural area.
  • Attract Small Businesses- If broadband access is available in a rural community, the small business proprietors can sell far beyond their geographic boundaries making the area more attractive.
  • Save Time and Money- Faster internet speeds means time and money savings directly related to the speed of the connection.

With the relatively recent decrease in satellite internet cost and increase in availability, high speed internet via satellite is becoming the choice for small businesses in rural areas.


Tune in to RFD TV on March 29 for all the latest information on WildBlue Satellite Internet. The show is 1 hour and airs at 7:00 Central time. More information is available on RFD-TV site.

WildBlue announces a change in their promotions

WildBlue’s current promotion runs out at the end of August at which time WildBlue will shift their business model from selling to leasing. Already a few dealers are offering WildBlue at $149.00 activation fee. This is the lowest price point for satellite Internet and with the current economic conditions is a welcome relief to high gas prices and high speed satellite Internet.

WildBlue Continues current promotion

WildBlue announces its Free install promotion has been extended through Aug 30, 2008.  GTEC announced that it will continue its Sizzling Summer promotion in conjunction with WildBlue’s offer/promotion.  At a time when inflation and High gas prices capture the news, it is refreshing to see the current promotions being carried over through the rest of the summer.  DIRECTV offers WildBlue  with an additional 120.00 savings for new customers.  DIRECTV customers who opt for WildBlue Service will see plans that start at $39.95 for new customers.

WildBlue Gets Call Center Help

WildBlue this week announced partnerships with two U.S.-based call center providers to support its customer service efforts. The relationships are with Sitel, a global business process outsourcing provider, and Cloud 10, a call center outsourcing provider utilizing a network of home-based care agents. Earlier in the week, WildBlue said Peak8 Solutions, a provider of customer service and support solutions for connected “smart” homes and digital lifestyle end-users, will offer its “Support Services Live” solution to the company.

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