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wildblue logoWildBlue High Speed Satellite Internet- 10 FAQ’s

Why is WildBlue a good option for satellite internet service?
Wildblue provides access to the internet at higher speeds than using your phone line. You also get an “always on” connection and can download internet audio and video content.

Is it hard to use?
After the 2 to 3 hour installation of our modem and minidish, you’re ready to surf the internet, email and download music. The only difference you’re doing all that at lightning fast speeds.

What’s the installation process?

A professional satellite internet installer is necessary to properly install the modem and minidish. A cable connects the satellite dish (usually installed on the roof) to the modem. The computer is connected to the modem.

The installation takes about 2 to 3 hours. It’s very important the installation be done correctly by certified technicians.

Do I need a clear view of the Southern sky?
Yes, you need a clear sightline of the Southern sky.

Is there a warranty?
There’s a no cost 90 day labor/24 months parts limited warranty on all equipment.

If I have a problem, what do I do?
Contact the WildBlue customer care agents 24/7 at 1-866-945-3258.

How much is Wildblue?
The satellite internet modem and minidish is leased to you as long as you’re a customer. There’s a one time activation fee of $149.95 and a low monthly lease fee of $5.95.

Packages begin at $44.99 per month depending on the connection speed you select and plan you choose.

Do I get email?
You can get between 5 and 10 email addresses with more available for a small additional charge.

What can’t I get on the internet?
Latency is the term for time it takes for the signal to get from your computer to the satellite and back. Applications like VOIP, real time gaming or trading can be affected by latency.

Where can I get WildBlue?

GTEC can provide rural Texas WildBlue internet service.

Select GTEC as your Texas satellite internet service and Dish TV provider.
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